Any member can benefit from bonuses, but can not request more than one bonus in a time.

Cratosslot board is responsible and has right to cancel bonus and bonus wins due to exceptional behaviour towards promotion rules and use of the balance in bad manners.

Members who would like to benefit from the promotions shall read and accept the rules of the bonus requirements.

Cratosslot board has right to update or change the rules and requirements of the bonus and promotions. Copyright is all reserved.

Live Casino and Casino loss bonuses will be calculated upon your daily deposit balance.


In the case of conflict or dissension, Cratosslot board has the arbitrament and right to act.  In the cases below, Cratosslot has right to not pay the bonuses:

a- Accounts belonging same name

b- Accounts belonging to same family/house

c- Accounts using the same IP

d- Accounts containing same personal info

e- Accounts in use from the same computer

f- Accounts belonging to same person

g- Contravention of the bonus rules